How do I join?

Free lunch
Joining our club is easy.

Step 1 – Join us for a Rotary Meeting.

This gives you and opportunity to introduce yourself and experience the format of a Rotary Meeting and meet other Rotarians in your prospective club.
We would love to show what Rotary is all about.

Step 2 – Review the requirements to be a Rotarian

Participation and Attendance:
Attendance at scheduled meetings is highly encouraged, but is no longer a requirement for membership.   We really want people who can give one or all of their time, talents and resources.

Financial Obligations for our club:

  • Rotary International, Club dues and Weekly Lunch cost.  (about $500 per year).
  • Participation in some annual giving to The Rotary Foundation ($25 to $1000)
  • Participation in club activities and events ($400 to $600 per year).
  • Optional: Attend a District Assembly  (usually free)
  • Optional: Attend a District Conference International Convention (depends on location and travel costs)

Step 3 – Fill Out the Paperwork!

Ready to join now?  Fill out the ONLINE APPLICATION or
Or Download and print our Membership Appliclation and bring it to a meeting.